S-197 AW previously known as CT-26

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S-197 AW previously known as CT-26

Post by S-197 AW on Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:36 pm

Hello all, I am Aaron Welliver. I have been hanging around the club for a real long time. I was introduced through my wife Danielle Welliver (Gothika). I just kept showing up and helping out where I could and I just kinda became a member. Sadly I am also the driving force behind keeping this from happening ever again. I have been around long enough to watch this club grow and then subsequently shrink. I want to make sure we can keep it together this time.

Oh and my cars.

First car 1985 Ford F-150. Learned to drive in it. Learned to break it and fix it. Found 7 dead mice under the seat the day we bought it.

Second 1989 Toyota 4runner. This was the beginning of an era for me. Loved this damn thing. Until the parents made me give it to my little brother so he could ruin a tree with it. It's ok he learned and has owned nothing but Toyotas since.

Third, ahh the dark ages. A 1989 Chrysler LeBaron. It was red it had american flags on it. Let's move on.

Fourth, this is where it gets good. My 1992 Toyota Celica ST. I beat the ever loving crap out of this car and loved every second of it. For how poorly I treated this car I learned everything I know about diving into an Apex in this thing. Handbrake turns and jumping culverts on gravel roads. I still own it and one day hope to turn it into something more.

Fifth, a 1988 Toyota Supra Turbo. I put six years into this car. Bought it in pieces and slowly put it back together. Easily the most rewarding car I have ever owned. Putting that much time into something and then finally getting to drive it is an amazing experience. Until a deer jumps out in front of you and "totals" it. Killed the deer. Dented the car. It drove home after the dear. It drove the body shop after than and it drove to my parents house to sit under a car cover. I really don't know what I am going to do with this thing. Mod List front to back.

Thick Core Intercooler and aluminum boost tubes with a knock off HKS BOV.
Temperature controlled Oil Cooler running -10 lines. Oil Filter relocated.
Some giant K&N filter.
Toyota CT-26 turbo massaged by Driftmotion. 57 trim wheel. polished and ceramic coated.
MegaMouth stainless cat-less downpipe with integrated turbo elbow.
HKS EVC VII electronic boost controller set to a cool stock 10psi.
HKS tri-metal 1.2 MM head gasket.
ARP head studs torqued well over factory spec.
12lb Light weight flywheel.
5-speed R154 Tranny. Car started with an Auto.
Eibach Pro 2 springs.
Stillen Motorsports sway bars installed at Stillen Motor sports in the early 90s.
Tokico Illumina II TEMS compatible shocks.
Poly lower control arm bushings.
Light weight aluminum one piece drive shaft. Factory is a heavy steel two piece.
Short throw weighted shifter with a weighted skunk 2 knob. Did I mention it was weighted?
HKS TEMS (Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension). I could go from soft to hard with the press of a button Wink
HKS Turbo Timer, have to protect the $1200 jewel under the bonnet.
Converted the dash to red LEDs instead of the oh so 80's green.
HKS 75MM OEM dual tip styled cat-less exhaust.
Gold HKS Badge.

And that is the Supra.

And lastly my current car.

A 2012 Ford Mustang GT Premium.
This car has been a huge milestone for me. I have driven old beat up cars my whole life. This is the first time I have ever had keyless entry and power windows that work 100% of the time and A/C.

The fact that it is an American Icon with a 6-speed manual transmission with a 5.0L V-8 is a giant cherry on top.

It's got Magnaflow Exhaust and we vinyl wrapped the taillights ourselves.

Planned mods are long tube headers with cat-less x-pipe.
Some day maybe forced induction.

I conclude my intro.

I love cars.

S-197 AW

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Re: S-197 AW previously known as CT-26

Post by 2b.zombi3 on Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:02 pm

Best. Intro. Ever.

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